Do you know what makes a successful wedding unforgettable? The location

If you are still looking for your wedding party ideal location, why not considering a Hotel where to organize a different and exclusive wedding breakfast? We can help you, these are the advantages of marrying at Miramonti:

1. First of all, wedding guests can stay overnight in the same location of the wedding breakfast; this is a way to involve friends and relatives in a holiday atmosphere, and bride and groom can enjoy the best room of the hotel for their wedding night!

2. Bride and groom are under no obligations to end the wedding breakfast at a specific time, on the contrary it can go on all night long and the day after.

3. Our restaurant quality no doubt is a guarantee of success, as well as the originality and the experience of our chefs, Antonio Ietto e Giovanna Tesio, who will present a wide and peculiar selection of dishes, wines and menus in order to meet your tastes and needs.

4. A skilled wedding planner is at guests’ disposal; he/she is able to satisfy bride and groom’s needs and provide personalized and exclusive solutions. The wedding breakfast is prepared for you with attention to the smallest detail, just as you have always imagined it!

5. And, last but not least, prices will surprise you. Our offers, inclusive of the wedding breakfast and the overnight stay, are very competitive.

6. If you like that Miramonti arranges your party at home or any other location, please do not be hesitant about contacting us. We are equipped to do a Catering Service from a minimum of 10 people to a maximum of 250 places.

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